Donated Painting by Ken Howard OBE Hon RBA PPNEAC RA ROI Raffle Winner announced

Ken Howard OBE Hon RBA PPNEAC RA ROI kindly donated a painting (approximate value £5,000) as a Raffle Prize for the RBA.
The work is entitled ‘Fondamente Nove’. Image Size 22cm x 27 cm.

We are delighted to announce that the Winner of the Ken Howard raffle was Mark Sutherland.
The RBA collected nearly £1375 to be shared between the Artists General Benevolent Institute and the RBA.

Many thanks to Ken Howard who donated his painting and to all who bought tickets.


Photographs of the 2019 RBA Private View

William de Laszlo, Nick Tidnam
& Thomasz Schafernaker

Clare O’Brien & David Brammeld

Tara Versey wins the Rome Scholarship

Nick Tidnam & Prize Giver Michael Harding

Alan Lambirth receives his prize from
Michael Harding

Some Members of the Hanging Committee

Clive Duncan receives his prize from
Thomasz Schafernaker

The Threadneedle Space


Photographs of the RBA Summer Buffet

A Duet – Mr Shao & Jessie Tse

Our Patron Mr Shao sings

Mr Feng & family with Ronald Morgan &
Brenda Kelly

Supper Guests

Frank the Busker entertains

Frank the Busker

Stefanina Sawyer wins
a Raffle Prize

Charles & Sarah Russell choose their Raffle Prize

Supper Guests

Supper Guests