The RBA Further Education Project

We have received funding for this project from Turing UK [British Council] and shall be giving students mainly from ‘disadvantaged’ backgrounds, the opportunity to receive work experience in France, Italy, Malta and Spain.

We created a consortium with 4 FE colleges – one each in Birmingham, Manchester, Hereford and Haringey in London.  This mobility concerns 104 Further Education students, 26 from each college, plus 16 accompanying teachers.  The students will complete 3-week placements in companies and organisations related to the creative industries.  Also included will be 4 recent graduates from each college, who will have 8-week internships.  This means that in total 120 young people will benefit from this experience.

The accompanying teachers will provide on-going support to students in the conduct of activities, and they will also have a tutor from the receiving organisations who will offer further support and monitoring.

The aim of this project is to promote participation of students from disadvantaged backgrounds in accordance with the definition of the Turing Scheme, with a particular focus on participants from ethnic minorities, who are still poorly represented in ‘the arts’ workplaces. 

It will enable students to:

  • Connect with the art and culture world in an international context
  • Raise their confidence as artistic individuals with a more comprehensive knowledge of future job prospects
  • Have an important travel scholarship to add to their CV
  • Develop their independence [although they will be well supervised]
  • Gain valuable experience in a work environment of their choice
  • Enjoy the opportunity to travel abroad and 
  • Mix with people from different cultures.
 These mobilities will start in April and will finish in August 2022.

Artwork Enquiry

RBA Further Education Project