RBA June News 2020

It is heartening to hear that some galleries are hoping to open their doors again soon, and Nicola Slattery has informed me that the Fosse Gallery in Stow-on-the-Wold have announced that they hope to be re-opening in June. Nicola has a couple of her paintings in their mixed show opening July 5th – 29th August, which is called:
‘The Jewel in the Town – the Ruby Years, the Fosse Gallery at 40!’The exhibition also includes work by Richard Sorrell


‘After Lunch’ by Richard Sorrell

Nicola will have her own exhibition in that gallery called “Stories Without Words” opening in October:

‘The Long View’ by Nicola Slattery

RBA members Melissa Scott-Miller, Peter Brown and Tom Coates, who are also members of the Royal Portrait Society [RP], have some works in the RP online exhibition at the Mall Galleries:

‘Self Portrait’ by Melissa Scott-Miller
‘Self Portrait’ by Peter Brown
‘Girl with the Gentle Smile’ by Tom Coates

The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours [RI] also have their online exhibition at the Mall, and it includes works by RBA members Chris Myers and Peter Weaver, who are both also members of the RI:

‘The Great Divide’ by Chris Myers
‘Over the Rough’ by Peter Weaver

Many of our RBA artists have their work in the Mall Galleries’ online …
Figurative Art Fair

‘Crossing the Water’ by Annie Boisseau
‘At the Edge of the Wood’ by Stephen Darbishire
‘Belonging’ by Steven Outram
‘The Scissors’ by Shanti Panchal

Other RBA artists included in the Figurative Art Fair are:
David Brammeld, Peter Brown, Cheryl Culver, Fred Cuming, James Horton, Henry Jabbour, Jill Leman, Martin Leman, Chris Myers, David Sawyer, Melissa Scott-Miller, Richard Sorrell, Sarah Spackman, Jacqueline Taber, and Robert E Wells

Jacqueline Taber informs us that The Geedon Gallery in Colchester, Essex CO5 7DN will be open from 15th June – 1st September, showing works from the Small Paintings Group. They include works by RBA artists:

Anne Heat, Christopher Miers, Cinzia Bonada, Joyce Cairns, Judith Gardner, Ken Howard, Peter Kelly, William Packer, Barbara Richardson, Jacqueline Rizvi, Richard Sorrell and Nick Tidnam

‘Brown Calf in the Morning’ by Anne Heat
‘S. Giorgio Venice’ by Christopher Miers
‘Houses on Santorini’ by Anne Wright
‘Hills’ by Melvyn Petterson

RBA’s first ‘Virtual Exhibition’ – “As they were and will be again” is still on the Royal Over-Seas League’s website:
and also on the RBA website:

Featured artists include Richard P Cook, Callum Stannard, Sarah Spackman, David Sprakes, Mick Davies, Lewis Hazelwood-Horner, David Sawyer, Nicola Slattery, Annie Boisseau, Steven Outram, Anthony Yates, Melissa Scott-Miller, Guy Portelli, Carole Griffin, and Henry Jabbour

‘After the Rain – Trafalgar Square’ by Peter P Cook
‘Sunningwell Green’ by Sarah Spackman
‘Trance’ by Callum Stannard
‘A New Dawn, Early Spring, Elvaston Lake, Derbyshire’ by David Sprakes

Members Terry Watts and Cheryl Culver have work in the ‘The Landscape Collection at M1 Fine Art. https://m1fineart.com/exhibitions/32-the-landscape-collection-a-virtual-art-exhibition-bringing-the-great-outdoors-to-you/works/
3 – 15 JUNE 2020

‘Headland’ by Cheryl Culver
‘Sunrise Through Rain’ by Terry Watts

Cheryl Culver has six pastel paintings in a pastel exhibition at The Gallery Holt called ‘Drawing from the Heart’
An exhibition held from the 7 August to 15 September 2020 at The Gallery, Holt.

‘Those Sombre Peaks’ by Cheryl Culver

We are always delighted to report news from our past “RISING STARS” and we are pleased to see these works in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters’ online show:

‘Bea’ by Rosalind Watkins
‘Woman in a Knitted Jumper’ by Owain Hunt

Owain has been especially featured and interviewed in the Cass Art blog, “Art in Isolation”.  The full article can be found here:

Habib Hajallie has shown his works with the RBA and has now had three of his works selected for the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours online show:

‘Sierra Murrican’ by Habib Hajallie
‘Gbugbu’ by Habib Hajallie
‘Le Wi Lan Krio’ by Habib Hajallie

And Alex J Wood has once again written to inform us of some exciting news: He tells us that he has received an Arts Council Grant. His latest bronze sculpture “Scylla and Charybdis” develops an ongoing series of his works drawing inspiration from Greek myths and during the lockdown he has also been working on a film for a film festival. His work “The Kraken!” is included in the online RI exhibition at the Mall Galleries:

‘The Kraken!’ by Alex J wood
‘Scylla and Charybdis’ by Alex J Wood