THE BIG DRAW at Mall Galleries

THE BIG DRAW at The Mall Galleries - October 2013
The Big Draw event Julia Sorrell organised for the RBA was a great success with members of the public entering Mall Galleries and taking part throughout the day. Apart from Julia, Nick Tidman and Mick Davies were on hand to help, teach or just encourage anyone taking part perhaps for the first time. Everyone was told about the RBA and were given the Big Draw leaflet with RBA website details. Without the fantastic models Beth Reeks and Chris Barber with their wide range of costumes, whether it be James Bond, tango dancers or even an armed pirate, it would not have been such a spectacular event. An added plus to the day was a party of Hackney school children who came and took part and loved the pirate with his sword! The children were delightful and were engrossed for about an hour – amazing since they were primary school age.

Without the generosity of our sponsors Hahnemuehle Fine Art and Jackson’s, who provided the drawing materials, as well as my husband, Ian Sanders, who did all the background work including the photography, this day would not have been so successful. I would also like to thank the staff of Mall Galleries for their help and for allowing us to use the main gallery, the Hesketh-Hubbard Society for the loan of their easels and boards, as well as Nick Tidman and Mick Davies for giving up their day to help.

See photos taken at the event here Julia Sorrell